Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Deal! Where's the hard end point data? Monthly shots of Amgen drug slash cholesterol 66 percent - South Florida Sun

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wiley said...

One study with 51 patients and it's published in a newspaper? This is so wrong. I'm telling my neurologist that I don't want to hear about a single study, if it hasn't been replicated in a larger study. Failed tests should be reported too.

The pill that was being promoted to replace shots for people with MS killed two people in a trial recently and it had been hailed for over a year. I didn't get my hopes up because I've already decided I'm not going to take a drug before it's been unleashed for a few years and the unwanted effects become known.

It's irresponsible for these test results to be used to promote a drug before it has been thoroughly tested and approved. To hell with the stockholders! They are not entitled to make money from snake oil.