Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ding ding, seconds out, round one!

PharmaTimes head-to-head debate Whitehead vs Goldacre

26 February, 2013, 5.00pm onwards

The Royal Institution, Albemarle Street, London

Does pharma put profits ahead of patients?

Is the industry failing to live up to the legal and moral standards expected of it?

Or do its criticisers continue to push historical examples of malpractice and fail to recognise the good work pharma has done?

Corporate governance and transparency are key to building trust in any industry, yet author, doctor and academic Ben Goldacre suggests the sector is trailing in both its moral and legal obligations.

This unique head-to-head debate organised by PharmaTimes between Goldacre and Stephen Whitehead, chief executive of the ABPI, will give both sides the opportunity to put their points across in what will undoubtedly be a lively and informative evening in a unique setting.

The debate will also hear from guest panellists: confirmed so far are Sir Iain Chalmers, a founder of the Cochrane Collaboration and editor of the James Lind Library; and Dr Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of the British Medical Journal.

Moderating the debate will be Dr Phil Hammond, GP, broadcaster and vice president of The Patients Association.

Come and hear how the industry measures up on the key issue of corporate responsibility and reputation, and what more it can, and should, do to silence its critics.

£170 drinks and debate
£250 drinks, debate and dinner

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