Monday, October 07, 2013

Things that make you go Hmmm!

  • ABPI announces Board of Management review of PMCPA and ABPI Code of Practice

ABPI Chief Executive, Stephen Whitehead has announced the commencement of the Board of Management review of the PMCPA and ABPI Code of Practice.
The ABPI Board of Management reviews the Code and its operation periodically to ensure that it is addressing all issues in the environment and the changing role of external stakeholders.
The Board of Management will seek to make recommendations of changes for inclusion in a new Code that will be dated 1 January 2015. Any planned changes will be the subject of the usual consultation and would need to be agreed at the ABPI members’ meeting (November 2014).
Additional to this review, the implementation of the EFPIA Disclosure Code which covers certain payments to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations is ongoing. A new ABPI Code to reflect this will be dated 1 January 2014 with a transition period.
Commenting on the review, Stephen Whitehead, Chief Executive of the ABPI, said:
"The review of the Code of Practice is an important step in ensuring that the industry has clear guidance for interactions and partnership at a time when the UK environment is changing significantly. Within the health sector, we have seen the major NHS reforms and the growing influence of public health bodies. We have also seen the growing weight of health technology assessment in the UK, the dynamism of digital and social media and the welcomed enhanced role of patient organisations and the public. The ABPI Code is flexible and able to respond to changing external requirements and this review will ensure that industry is in the best possible position to deal with the new environment it faces.
"The ABPI Code of Practice is, rightly, one of the most respected self-regulatory codes operating in the world today, and has provided a benchmark of best practice for other trade associations. It is one of the cornerstones in supporting and enhancing the industry’s reputation."

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