Sunday, July 16, 2006

The #1 healthcare blog - Insider just cant argue with Dr Peter Rost!

This was back in Dr Rost's HuffPo days. He writes:

"There are several people writing about healthcare on the Huffington Post, and I can recommend reading both Jamie Court as well as James Love. There are also many others. But you already know that.

So the point of today's blog is to highlight a few useful resources outside of this site.

First prize goes to
PharmaGossip written by Jack Friday, although I'm not sure that's his real name. This is an absolutely amazing site for anyone working in the healthcare or drug industry or hoping to do so. It is an even more amazing site for anyone with an ax to grind against any of these industries, because it is so completely uncensored, honest, and most of all fun to read. If I had to live with just one blog, this is the one I'd choose to read, ever day. In summary, it is really a blog with gossip about the drug and healthcare industry, but it is also so much more. You want most recent news about what happened to a drug company CEO, a healthcare company, an overpriced drug or a cheerleader drug rep, this is where you go first.

Second prize is shared by the Pharma Marketing Blog and the Health Care Blog.

John Mack who writes the Pharma Marketing Blog also writes a pharma e-newsletter. He is relatively industry friendly, but doesn't hesitate to also beat up on any company, product, or practice he doesn't like. He also brings an interesting personal perspective to some of the things that are going on in la la land, I mean the pharma world.

The Healthcare Marketing Blog is heavy-duty stuff, but don't let that scare you. Here Matt Holt writes about healthcare policy, science and the drug industry, which he expertly comments on. You'll learn more about these areas reading his blog over a few days than reading your daily newspaper for a month. Unless your daily newspaper is the New Jersey Star Ledger and you read articles by Ed Silverman or David Schwab, in which case you may get some of the best healthcare and drug industry reporting on the net.

Third prize goes to CafePharma. This isn't a blog, so it doesn't belong on this list, since it is a message board. But this is my blog, so I can make up the rules as I go along. If you are interested in a particular drug company and you want to read what (mostly) their sales reps think and write this is the site to go to. And if you didn't have some concerns about the industry before reading this board, you may after having finished reading. Over time, it gives you a good indication of the morale within various organizations. I write "over time," since if you just read it once you'll think, based on the strong language, that morale is terrible at each and every company, but then again, this is a place to complain without your boss finding out who you are.

And final prize goes to Derek Lowe and In the Pipeline. The reason he gets the final prize is not that his blog is not as good as any of the above, but that he is a bit more of an intellectual, science oriented writer, with a background in drug discovery. And since I'm a doctor who left medicine for marketing, my attention span limits my ability to read some of his posting, which is unfortunate, since they are very good.

I know there are many, many more sites, and you can find links to them on the blogs listed above, but I'm easily bored and I haven't been able to keep reading most of them.

And now it is your turn. I'd love to know which ones are your favorite blogs . . ."

Insider would liketo know your choices as well!

Certainly, Dr Rost's own blog is a "must read".

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