Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wyeth - Effexor XR: is depression looming?

Poor Wyeth. Just when they thought things were going swimmingly for their follow up "evergreener" to Effexor XR (venlafaxine).

The follow up drug, desvenlafaxine (an isomer of the parent, a la Nexium vs Prilosec for AstraZeneca's PPIs) has been delayed by three months by the FDA.

The FDA had been expected to decide on the new antidepressant by October. But Wyeth said the agency has delayed the deadline until January 22, 2007, in order to study recently submitted pre-clinical data on whether the drug increases the risk of cancer.


Insider's view: could be somthing, could be nothing.

Given that half of Effexor XR is desvenlafaxine (one of two isomers of venlafaxine), this cancer scare must be worrying for the Effexor XR Brand Manager!

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