Thursday, January 04, 2007

IFPMA closes stable door

Pharmaceutical companies can no longer lavish gifts on doctors to sway prescribing practices, the trade group that represents the world's largest drugmakers said Wednesday.

Companies that belong to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations must adhere to a revised code of ethics that bars them from giving doctors money or other gifts that might influence drug choices, such as paying for trips to golf resorts or luxury hotels.

The code, updated Jan. 1 for the first time in a decade, applies to the group's 26 member companies and hundreds of other drugmakers that belong to its 46 industry associations.

"What we're trying to do is prevent as many of the activities as possible that have not helped the reputation of the industry," IFPMA director general Harvey E. Bale said in a telephone interview.

"We need to make sure the product is the best product for the patient and it's not influenced by gifts and it's not influenced by hospitality or vacations."

Large pharmaceutical companies spend about one-third of their revenue on sales and marketing, much of it aimed at doctors.

The resulting entanglements between the companies and doctors have become widespread, Bale said.


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xpharmagroup said...

This is maybe a good begining. On the other hand they had these codes of conducts for dacade and no one payed any attention to them. Why do you think they will do it this time. Most likely this is jus another PR excercise by the industry regulatory body. These usually are nothing more than apologists for their members. Check out the Canadian Rx&D, PMAC and you will see what we are talking about.
Also if we showed you the Codes of Conduct of big pharma companies that members of our group worked for, you'd be very impressed. Not with their adherence though, but with thier routine violations. Addressing only one side of the equation is not enough. Those doctors who think they are intitled to such lavish treatment for doing their jobs that they are well apid for, are just as "guilty" and must undergo total renovation of their attitudes. To thier defence, how long can one resist that golden carot tangled in from of ones nose, before you break down. Only very few can risit. They, the big pharma made it too seductive and profitable for almost anyone to refuse.
Lets watch it this time.