Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More about PharmedOut

PharmedOut is an independent, publicly funded project that empowers physicians to identify and counter inappropriate pharmaceutical promotion practices.

PharmedOut is run by physicians for physicians and other prescribers. Their goal is to disseminate information about how pharmaceutical companies influence what we prescribe, to increase access to unbiased information about drugs, and to encourage physicians to choose pharma-free CME.

PharmedOut is funded through the Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Education grant program, created as part of a 2004 settlement between Warner-Lambert, a division of Pfizer, Inc., and the Attorneys General of 50 States and the District of Columbia, to settle allegations that Warner-Lambert conducted an unlawful marketing campaign for the drug Neurontin® (gabapentin) that violated state consumer protection laws.

The project is led by Dr Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD at Georgetown University.

PharmedOut promotes evidence-based medicine by providing news, resources, and links to pharma-free CME courses.

Resources include:

Pharma-Free CME
More than 200 web-based CME credits are available without cost.

Rx Files
Articles, slide shows, and publications. Rx Files also includes Mini-Syllabi, which are sets of articles on direct-to-consumer (DTC) promotion, drug reps, industry-sponsored research and other topics.

Links to relevant organizations, government agencies, and unbiased drug information.

1 comment:

xpharmagroup said...

This is great. Finally those "good" doctors still out there the ones that did not completely got charmed and seduced by big pharma curruptive ways of promoting their pills, will do something constructive to help reverse this madness brought about by those drug companies that were supposed to look after our health in an ethical and decent manner.
Somebody had to do it. Thier industry regulatory bodies are useless for us but strong apologists and protectors for them and the government and their agwencies are too busy supporting them because they create jobs and wealth, ostensibly for all.
So Baravo docs and good luck. You have one big thing on your side. You ( the doctors) are the only thing/people that big pharma is afraid of, for you are their key customers, the ones who have the power to Tx & Rx and if you resist and do not do what they want you to do, their way, it will hurt them big time. So JUST DO IT.