Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pfizer's punk - Simon Revell

Say "Hi" to "punk" Simon Revell. Simon is 'Manager of enterprise2.0 technology development' at Pfizer. In this role he has the remit to explore the potential for using web2.0 inspired technologies and approaches for internal use within the company. Simon has responsibility for the Pfizer-wide wiki, 'Pfizerpedia', as well as development of standards and guidelines around the use of blogging for internal communication and collaboration purposes, and implementation of RSS within the company. He is involved in a number of projects designed to apply enterprise2.0 technologies within specific business lines and functions, and is involved in exploring and evaluating the next wave of enterprise2.0 products inspired by the success of web-based services such as and Facebook.

Early in 2006 Simon started the Discussion Group about the World Wide Web (DIGWWW), a Pfizer internal community of practice that was interested in how the technology that supports collaboration on the World Wide Web could be used to create collaborative environments within Pfizer. It began in the UK, under Simon's leadership, and has since grown into a global activity with enthusiastic participants at all Pfizer R & D sites and across all lines.
Simon's vision is one whereby the company's information and knowledge will be unlocked through easy-to-use enterprise2.0 systems. Simon has been in the IT industry for 15 years, starting as a software developer and later graduating to being a Technical Team Leader and Project Manager. He is based in the UK.

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