Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vytorin's decline continues

Hat tip.

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condor said...

As ever, thanks for linkin' to me!

Come to think of it -- to make digital graphics for you, with more "pop"/life, and Dr. Rost [and any other "black-backgrounded" blogs] -- I'll start making up these very-same graphics on black backgrounds, from the get-go in Photoshop, as well -- on request, mostly (and if you'd now like an older one, on a black background, just let me know).

I'll then place them on a post page dated January 2, 2008, on my blog -- deep in the archives -- and you'll be able to collect them readily from there, without any duplication of effort. Sound good?

This one (above) will be difficult, as I've already dunped the raw file, for the final jpg.

But, if you ask (on the larger ones), I'll re-edit.

Do let me know.