Thursday, April 29, 2010

Introducing v-fluence blog

Why, you ask?

Well they seem to be interested in PharmaGossip!!

Stan explains!


Thank you for the note and introduction. We do monitor and analyze a wide range of online content for many companies. The data and items noted in this posting do not represent the views any individual client. Draft content summaries, such as this, are frequently developed by reviewers for the many items we abridge in our reporting to enable our clients to absorb the very large volume of online items of interest to them daily.

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Stan said...

Snippet: from Jay Byrne interview

"I call it fuzzy control. That's the best you're going to get in the new world order.

On mad cow, we helped (the cattlemen) embrace it. (Prior to this time, the industry avoided any use of terms like "mad cow" in their communications.) In the U.S. we got out in front and basically used it. I call it e-judo: They took the momentum and force of the massive public interest ... that could cause people not to eat meat. And they put information out that said, "We understand your concerns about mad cow and here are the facts about mad cow from sources such as the Harvard Center on Risk Analysis -- from people that you trust and they worked well in academia, government and industry.

What did you learn in running political campaigns that you're using now? One thing is about belief formation leading to committed actions. When you're working on political campaigns it's all about identifying and evaluating voters. And what campaigns and what types of information do you push to voters to cause them to act, either to vote or, in some cases, not to vote"

Stephany said...

Nice spin Jay Byrne, you must make a lot of money pushing horse shit around all day for a living.

Yes! My blog was tracked by you TOO, what an honor?