Saturday, May 01, 2010

AstraZeneca - Seroquel : V-FluenceGate, Stan writes

Dear Pharmagossip:

This headline is really misleading (though it grabs a lot of attention).

Yet the "facts" speak something else totally different.

To begin with, v-fluence data base was not HACKED.

Fact: this site door had been left wide open for over a week. The fact was that it could to accessed by anyone with a single click of the mouse.

Fact: There was no disclaimer on the the site or data related to it's privacy or distribution.

V-fluence and Astra Zeneca want to have all ways once again here with this embarrassing incident related to their (To BIG to FAIL )empires.

They want to gather information, analyze the information, write reports, create counter strategies, and produce ongoing files on blogs and private citizens.

The questions that should be asked here and by the media are what is the scope of the information being gathered, the kinds of information that are being kept in these watch files, and how is it being used by their corporate clients.

Should we allow private corporations the ability to collect information on private citizen without our (the citizens) right to access these files and the information within them.

V-fluence and Mr.Byrne actually had the no-nads to use the word "ethical" in their slander and defamation of character attack on me personally.

I find nothing "ethical" in their behavior, in their targeted message control spin machine, in their under handed/sleazy tactics used to subvert free speech and the truth from being told.

Stan's blog

Thanks Stan - have edited the title of the BNET post to better reflect reality.

Thanks also for spotting V-Fluence and bringing them to our attention!


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