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Selling Sickness Conference 2010 - The slides

Presentations - SlideShare

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On this page you will find links to the slide presentations on SlideShare of our international conference Selling Sickness.

Programme day 1 - Thursday 7 October
What is selling sickness and is it for real?
SlideShare Where science meets marketing - Ray Moynihan
SlideShare Industry's role in informing the public - Brian Ager
SlideShare DSM-V Opening Pandora's Box - Allen Frances
What new methods are being used?
SlideShare The Dutch situation, Supervision and law enforcement - Josée Hansen
SlideShare Clinical trials as disease mongering instruments - Trudy Dehue
SlideShare Social Media and Pharma: Support or new commercial channel to care? - Rob Halkes
Learning from documented examples
SlideShare Promotion to the public:
European disease awareness campaigns - Teresa Alves
SlideShare Promotion of prescription medicines to physicians and the public - Dee Mangin
Who pays the bill?
SlideShare The influence on rational use of medicine - Kees de Joncheere
SlideShare The influence on patients - Ilaria Passarani
SlideShare Redesigning the incentives for the pharmaceutical industry - Dean Baker
Programme day 2 - Friday 8 October
Redesigning the system?
SlideShare Financial and insurance aspects - Henk Eleveld
SlideShare Independent information for patients - Hilda Bastian
The need for new regulations and guidelines
SlideShare Self regulation on disease promotion - Lode Wigersma
SlideShare Regulation of pharmaceutical promotion - Graham Dukes
SlideShare Guidelines and HTA - Meindert Boysen
New responsibilities for main stakeholders?
SlideShare The industry: partner in solutions? - Michel Dutrée
SlideShare Should the Medicines Evaluation Board be involved? - Bert Leufkens
SlideShare International Cooperation - Peter Mansfield

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