Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Boring Old Man reports on the J&J Texas Risperdal trial contd.

The morning began with Tiffany Moage, San Antonio Sales Rep whose Call-Notes were reviewed in Mr. Friede’s testimony and her District Manager, Shane Scott. We saw Call Note after Call Note where she called on Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, documenting her detailing M-Tabs [dissolving Risperdal Tablets] for use in kids. We heard about a "Back to School" campaign – Concerta and Risperdal, for kids.We heard the same from her boss. Her boss  seemed bothered by the references to off-label promotion. But both contended there was no off-label promotion. Mr. Jacks, the plaintiff’s lawyer didn’t confront the obvious disconnect. He just showed it [over and over]. Now we’re on luch break, after hearing Dr. Bruce Perry. We’re in mid testimony, but the topic is "ghost-writing," "guest-authorship," and "seeding." I think I’ll summarize things after he finishes [and lunch].

This case has it all…

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Daniel Haszard said...

Risperal reproached.
Johnson and Johnson is a trusted brand we associate with babies.
Risperdal,Zyprexa,as well as the other atypical antipsychotics, are being prescribed for children, even though this is an unapproved, off-label use. A report by Dr. Cooper at Vanderbilt University states that 2.5 million children are now taking atypical antipsychotics. Over half are being given them for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,many of these foster children.
Weight gain, increases in triglyceride levels and associated risks for (life-long) diabetes and cardiovascular disease..-Daniel Haszard
*Tell the truth don't be afraid*