Thursday, February 02, 2012

AstraZeneca - Seroquel - legal update

Seroquel (quetiapine fumarate)

Product liability

With regard to Seroquel product liability litigation in the US, which primarily relates to diabetes and/or other related injuries, as of 31 January 2012, AstraZeneca was aware of approximately 25 claims that have not been settled in principle. As of 31 January 2012, pursuant to court-ordered mediation, AstraZeneca has reached agreements in principle on monetary terms, subject to various subsequent conditions, approvals and agreement on non-monetary terms, with the attorneys representing 28,575 claimants. The mediation process is ongoing with regard to other currently unsettled claims.

With regard to insurance coverage for the substantial legal defence costs and settlements that have been incurred in connection with Seroquel–related product liability claims, disputes continue with insurers about the availability of coverage under insurance policies. These policies have aggregate coverage limits of $300 million. In September 2011, AstraZeneca Insurance Company Limited commenced formal legal proceedings in the High Court, in London, against two of these insurers for recovery of money which AstraZeneca believes is due under two of these policies. No insurance receivable can be recognised under applicable accounting standards at this time.

State Attorney General Matters

Various states have sued AstraZeneca generally alleging that AstraZeneca made false and/or misleading statements in marketing and promoting Seroquel. AstraZeneca reached settlement agreements in principle with the Attorneys General of Arkansas in November 2011 and Alaska in December 2011 and provisions have been taken.


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