Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing Traitwise

About Traitwise
Traitwise was created by a group of University of Texas scientists with the idea that creating communities of engaged people is vital to important health-related discoveries.
Our mission is to develop interconnected communities of people
answering questions that will advance human healthcare.
Traitwise has developed revolutionary technology to investigate the unexpected correlations between our health, our unique distinguishing traits, and our lifestyles. To accomplish this goal, we are creating a comprehensive health data base. The long-term vision for Traitwise spans several decades, as we believe that our technology will be essential in a long-term trend toward personalized healthcare.
We are compiling anonymous answers to health-related questions that include everything from symptoms to treatments to disposition. We will recognize patterns that can help people and their physicians make better choices. In addition, Traitwise is developing online communities around the surveys. These forums have been initiated to provide people with factual data rather than anecdotal stories, which often appear on the internet. This will allow people and their physicians to make better health decisions by comparing their experiences with those of people with similar traits.
We are a for profit company, however we do not sell your data. We make a profit by selling our survey services to third-parties who wish to increase their knowledge about a subject. For example, some of our customers are patient advocacy groups who wish to create surveys and stay well connected to the needs of their members. We also sell sponsored questions. These questions are clearly labeled as such. To protect privacy, we do not return the raw data from these questions back to our customers, but rather return only aggregate summaries.

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