Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The opioid epidemic

Doctors petition FDA to change labeling of painkillers - JSOnline

Side Effects | A Journal Sentinel Watchdog Update
A large group of doctors from a variety of specialties Wednesday asked the Food and Drug Administration to change the labeling used on narcotic painkillers, a move that, if approved, would make it more difficult for drug companies to market the medications for chronic, non-cancer pain.

While many of the 37 doctors, researchers and public health officials who signed the petition are associated with the reform group known as Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing, most are from other institutions, including the New York City Health Commissioner, the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, several universities, and the watchdog group, Public Citizen.

The move comes amid concerns that prescribing practices of doctors have contributed to an opioid epidemic in America.

"By implementing the label changes proposed in this petition, FDA has an opportunity reduce harm caused to chronic pain patients as well as societal harm caused by diversion of prescribed opioids," the petition says.

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Anonymous said...

Well of course! Can't make it easy for the sufferers,so why not introduce "pain killer prohibition"?
That will stop the "diversion",save money and keep budgets down.
Anyone thought to disagree could be hunted down and given a placebo,that will fix them wonti it?.