Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just say no to drug reps

Reps struggle to get through oncologist doors

Cancer may be the fastest-growing specialty therapy area in the world, but sales reps are facing increasingly higher barriers when it comes to getting access to US oncologists.

So claims a report from sales and marketing consulting firm ZS Associates, which is compiled using a tool that incorporates call reports from more than 200 different US pharmaceutical sales teams. The study examines how often 350,000 prescribers met with reps and defines 'accessible' as doctors who met with more than 70% of reps who call on them and 'access restricted' as physicians who talk to 31%-70% of sales people who call. The third category, 'severely access restricted', equates to no more than 30% of reps getting through the door.

About 61% of oncologists placed moderate-to-severe restrictions on visits from reps, making cancer the most restrictive of the 20 most common medical specialties measured in the report. By comparison, about 47% of cardiologists and 38% of primary care physicians restrict rep access to the same degree.

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