Monday, December 31, 2012

File under "Perverse Incentives"

You’ve probably heard of 'OxyContin'; the heavy duty 'narcotic painkiller', the one that's driven the 'prescription drug addiction' problem so high in the last few years.

It has been proven highly addictive. In fact, it's so addictive it's said to “lead people to start using heroin in order to get a cheaper high when their budget can’t keep up with their Oxycontin habit.” (This fact became pronounced when the producer of Oxy switched their formula to supposedly discourage addiction).

The maker of this terrible-drug, which is responsible for numerous overdose deaths, is so afraid of their patent-date running out, they resorted to “test the drug on children as young as six years old.”

Purdue Pharma LP is the company's name. We know their real concern is not to help children overcome a debilitating pain or illness, but really lies only with their bottom line. August, 2013 is the date the patent for OxyContin is set to expire on; when that happens, other Big Pharmaceutical companies will jump into the marketplace with their own 'generic versions' of the pricey narcotic and be able to sell them much cheaper, taking profit away from Purdue’s pockets.

By using new trials [on children], Purdue Pharma is able to extend their patent by six months. That's their 'sneaky trick” They can do this via a program of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that “actually encourages drug companies to test their “poisons” on the [youngest children] in our communities.”

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