Monday, April 08, 2013

Ben Goldacre is fundraising for


Half of all clinical trials have never been published. Researchers, patients and doctors need to know what was done and what they found, to make decisions about which treatment is best.

Regulations are supposed to fix the problem of missing trials: they have been ignored. Voluntary "codes of conduct" are full of holes. So research institutions and companies continue to withhold important information about treatments.

Sense About Science have agreed to take this on as a campaign, after their excellent work on libel reform. Everything donated will go to support the AllTrials campaign. We will run a public campaign, build an informative website, lobby politicians and stakeholders, brief journalists and make it news.

Nobody profits from secrecy, least of all industry. The one thing that has perpetuated the current situation is a lack of public awareness. A public campaign will push this over, and together we can make clinical trials the contribution to understanding that they should be.

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