Sunday, April 07, 2013

US Support for marijuana reaches a new high

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Wesley D. Price said...

The Bumble Bee

Pollination. Seeds. Plant. Hemp. Should we prosecute the Soil
for its association and harboring of a known fugitive Seed?
Perhaps a search warrant should be
authorized and served against the Soil.

After all, it is the primary link in the Germination process and therefore criminally responsible
for aiding and abetting the Germination of the Cannabis Seed.
We should probably consider holding the Bumble Bee criminally responsible for its lack of respect
for the federal legislative proclamation against Cannabis.
The Bumble Bee should be incarcerated.
In fact, if we are looking to arrest someone for
intent to distribute,
let’s start with the Wind.
Clearly the Wind continues to defy
the laws of prohibition, by distributing Pollen.
Next we should indict the Sun,
because there would be no Germination without the Sun.
And once we’ve finished our prosecution of the Elements which are responsible for disobeying
a judicially backed, legislatively supported decree, then we can close in on the Bumble Bee with a well organized, early morning raid.
I hear Bumble Bees are much easier to arrest when they’re sleeping.
2004 - by Wesley Daniel Price