Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pharmaceutical scandal: 'You pay us £300. However, your invoice will say £600. So £300 stays with you.'

“Rebate is where we will charge you a certain amount,” said Dhruv Patel, the head of unlicensed pharmaceutical sales at Pharmarama.

“Ok, let’s say £600,” said the reporter.

“£600. You pay us £300, however, your invoice will say £600,” said Mr Patel. “So £300 stays with you.”

The £600 billed by Pharmarama would be refunded to the chemist in full by the NHS — with the drugs firm and the chemist effectively splitting the proceeds.

Mr Patel then explained how the company would provide credit notes and pointed out that the NHS only had the capacity to look at invoices rather than conduct any forensic analysis of a company’s income.

Mr Patel gave an example of how discussion of the payment would proceed between the chemist and NHS officials.

“Can you show me an invoice to show that you’ve actually paid £600. Of course I can. There you go.

“Er, that’s it,” explained Mr Patel.

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