Saturday, June 22, 2013

Who's who at Quantum Pharmaceuticals?

Their website is now unhelpful!

But we found this:

And this:

One drug company executive said it was a “hallelujah” moment when the NHS announced in 2011 how much it was prepared to pay for common prescription drugs – because the price cap was so high.
A Daily Telegraph investigation discloses that high street chemists are being offered all-expenses paid holidays throughout the world by drug companies desperate to profit from the lucrative NHS business.
The price for the drugs are set by the NHS, but patients only have to pay a standard fee of up to £7.85 with the taxpayer funding the remainder of the cost, which can run into hundreds of pounds per prescription.
The disclosure that the system of regulated drugs is being exploited for excessive profit comes after this newspaper reported yesterday that drug companies and chemists stand accused of colluding to manipulate the sale of unregulated drugs.
A Quantum Pharmaceutical spokesperson said that they were taking the allegations very seriously and had suspended the member of staff.

They said that the trips mentioned by Mr McDermott are “commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry” and “regard the Verbier expenditure… as proportionate to build relationships”.
The company said they provided an “extremely important services to the NHS by offering value for money”.

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