Tuesday, August 06, 2013

AllTrials - what's the latest?

Dear Friends
The AllTrials campaign has put together a more detailed statement about the registration and reporting of all clinical trials. This was developed at a meeting at the BMJ with many of the organisations supporting the campaign and brings together discussions with hundreds of organisations who have signed up to support the AllTrials campaign.
The statement sets out the different levels of information from registration to individual data (AllTrials is not calling for publication of individual data) and reflects the wide range of different formats in which results are presented.
Achieving the goal of all trials registered and reported will involve regulators and registries, clinical trial funders, universities and institutes, professional and learned societies and medical journals, patients and researchers, and their thoughts about what they will need to do to achieve it are included in the document.

And please keep people signing the petition at www.alltrials.net

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