Friday, October 06, 2006

Halloween fun and games - call for entries

Last year PharmaGossip published a number of, ahem, "enhanced" photographs of Big Pharma big cheeses for some Halloween fun.

It went down very well, particularly with the reps on CafePharma!

Above is GSK's CEO JP Garnier's Transylvanian half-brother, for example.

Here's one the Merck people might like.

Here are a few more.

This year you are all invited to join in the fun. Just send Insider jpegs of your fave "fat cats" and he will see what he can do!

In addition, thanks to those great folks at, Insider can now make "Demotivational Posters"! So, think up some phrases/ words to go with the pictures and leave the rest to PharmaGossip.

All submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence...... unless you want the name check, that is! Perhaps you might have been Pfired, recently?!

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Anonymous said...

"Thorndyke Flatocephaly addresses Wall Street analysts during yesterday's luncheon at The Liars Club"

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the CEO for Crapocyte?