Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Introducing Medsane.com

Medsane.com was created in 2007 on the premise that cost should never limit access to effective medical treatments. Originally designed for seniors approaching the Medicare Part D "doughnut hole," it explores cost-effective options to brand name medications. The recommendations are based on clinical experience and pharmaceutical studies.

During the last twenty years, drug costs for American seniors have increased by nearly 400% and in 2006 alone, pharmaceutical sales approached $700 billion. Patients assume that these increased costs directly translate into increased effectiveness. Sometimes they do. But all too often they don't. Instead, patients pay more for fewer side-effects, more convenience, or, worst of all, a medication that is no better at all, but has been effectively marketed to their physician.

So today the question often becomes "What are you buying?"

Medsane.com was created to answer this question. For commonly prescribed prescription medications, you can find reasonable alternatives at lower costs. Many of them are generic options that are just as effective and easy to take as the brand-name medication. Others are equally effective but may come with more side-effects or less convenience. Still others are slightly less effective, but at a dramatically lower cost. Never stop or change your medication without talking to your doctor, but ask whether the Medsane Choice might be a better choice for you.

Welcome to Medsane.com,

Zach Flake, MD

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