Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pharma Giles writes.... a Christmas Carol

What better way to celebrate the festive season then to join the Great and Good in a rousing Christmas Carol to celebrate their achievements this year?

Altogether now…

(To the tune of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”…)

God rest us, pharma CEOs, let nothing we concern
Ineptitude will not reduce the millions that we earn
Our management is failing yet we think we need not learn

No tidings of comfort or joy
Comfort or joy
For the scientists we used to employ

God bless ye, Jeffrey Kindler, Pfizer’s dubious accolade
A corporate malfeasance fine, the largest ever paid
Regarded as a simple cost of business, I’m afraid

Sad tidings of marketing fraud
Marketing fraud
Sad tidings of marketing fraud

Financial joy for Fred Hassan, now Schering Plough’s been sold
His second mega-golden parachute can now unfold
And twenty thousand Pharma hands once more are on the dole

Schering Plough’s gone the same as Pharmacia
Cut and run marks out good ol’ Fred’s career

God help thee AstraZeneca, pharma’s Titanic liner
It’s shutting down it’s First World sites and shipping them to China
For short term savings now - what motivation could be finer?

Sad tidings of jobs gone abroad
Jobs gone abroad
For the benefit of members of the Board

God rest our Pharma industry, it hasn’t got a prayer
Now run by greedy plutocrats who simply do not care
About the science or the ethics of human healthcare

Downsizings for comfort and wealth
Personal wealth
Downsizings for personal wealth

So spare a thought this Xmas for all those made unemployed
To boost the wealth of plutocrats whose greed is unalloyed
Because of them the Western pharma trade will be destroyed

Mad tidings of Money For The Boys
Cash For The Boys
Slash and burn is making Money For the Boys…

Jim Edwards brings us
seasonal tidings of festive axe-swinging…

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