Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1 Boring Old Man reports on the J&J Texas Risperdal trial

The opening arguments sound like they were business as usual – elementary school playground talk ["did too!" "did not!"]. Tomorrow, the plainiff’s case begins, and we plan to be there bright and early. I’m not here to be a cheering section. They throw you out for that kind of thing. I’m here because I want to hear the details, what the expert witnesses  who had access to the primary documents have to say. Did J&J really manipulate the TMAP program as much as it seems from what we already know? What was the extent of the ghostwriting program from Exerptia Medica? Who ultimately called the shots? Why did it run for six or seven years  before anyone got wind of TMAP’s underbelly? That kind of thing. Like I said [does it make a sound?…], I want to make it real.

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