Thursday, January 19, 2012

1 Boring Old Man reports on the J&J Texas Risperdal trial contd.

I want to go back to the beginning of the day and start from scratch. A Call Note is something drug reps for Janssen filled out after every contact with a doctor. The focus in the morning was on the calls on Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. The comments, when available, were short, abbreviated – sort of like a "tweet" on "twitter." Among the large number of Call Notes they had, many had no comment. Even stranger, a lot of the Call Notes for C&A had no comment blank at all to even fill out. So first up was Tiffany Moake, the drug rep covering San Antonio 2002 through 2004 followed by her District Manager Shane Scott. Tiffany has some kind of relationship with Janssen – paid for her time being deposed, represented by their Lawyers. She was guarded and defensive. She was apparently a top seller. They showed several emails and slides that highlighted her enthusiasm. Up front, she said that she had not detailed Risperdal off label for kids to her docs and denied having "ice cream parties" for her C&A docs. Then, we saw Call Note after Call Note where she had documented detailing her docs to use Risperdal in kids and having held ice cream socials. Moake continued to claim a lower incidence of Diabetes even after the FDA warning letter. Shane Scott? same thing, though he said he was "concerned" hearing Tiffany’s Call Notes. Both denied off-label promotion. But the Call-Notes left no doubt that they were pushing Risperdal use in children, even having a "back to school" campaign. This was all before Risperdal had been approved for any use in children. For example, one Call Note talked about detailing a psychiatrist with a "waiting room full of foster kids"  who produced "ten Risperdal prescriptions a day."

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