Saturday, January 05, 2013

Let's have a heated debate - Feb 5th , Conway Hall, London

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Author, doctor and academic Ben Goldacre accuses the pharmaceutical industry of 'misleading doctors and harming patients' by hiding results of clinical trials.

Should transparency be a legal obligation?

Where do the regulators stand on this issue?

Is the current process morally acceptable or should it be changed?

Decide for yourself! Come and hear an informative, balanced and lively debate.

Dr Miran Epstein will discuss the disturbing relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and research ethics and explain how they can be fixed. Industry leader Chris Walker will explain how the pharmaceutical industry currently develops new medicines and what the implications of evolving expectations on transparency might mean. Dr Ben Goldacre will argue that the current level of transparency is leading to patient harm and former Head of Safety and Efficacy of Medicines at the European Medicines Agency, Dr Xavier Luria will provide a regulator's perspective on this contentious area. The evening will be chaired by former Tomorrow's World presenter, science writer and broadcaster Vivienne Parry OBE.


18.45 Registration

19.00 Speaker presentations

20.15 Panel debate

21.30 Cheese and wine reception

All proceeds are being donated to the charity 'Sense', supporting deafblind children, adults and their carers. The coordinators of this event are not affiliated to any organisation.

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