Thursday, July 27, 2006

Statin Wars - Pfizer: torcetrapib flip-fop

The New York Times March 7th 2005.
The New York Times July 26th 2006.

Why did Pfizer flip-flop their strategy
The listened to their important customers concerns
They realized that they could make more cash the new way
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Anonymous said...

Here's my only concern:

If you look at Vytorin, it's not any more expensive than Zetia or Zocor. I think it may be a few bucks cheaper than either one.

If Pfizer was going to charge the same amont as Lipitor for the combo pill, the statin portion would basically be free.

Now, insurnace companies will have to buy both.

*** I'm assuming the combo pill wouldn't have cost any more than Lipitor is now.

Old School Rep