Monday, July 31, 2006

A warm welcome to all FT readers

Todays FT quotes PharmaGossip regarding Pfizer's recent coup. An honour indeed:

"Pfizer's move to replace its chief executive, Hank McKinnell, was applauded by critics of the world's biggest drug company. Mr McKinnell, 63, was to retire in 2008. He will remain as chairman until 2008.

One industry site had only mock sympathy ( "We must now rally round and 'dig deep' to help Hank meet his bills through this trying time."

Pfizer shares have fallen 40 per cent since Mr McKinnell took over in 2001, and sacked thousands. In that time, Mr McKinnell has received $60m in compensation. He is also eligible for an $83m pension after his 35 years. "

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Congratulations, Insider. The long reading/logging/typing hours are not wasted. Thanks for the work.