Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Big Pharma TV - Which? say No!

Nick Stace, campaigns director of Which? writes in The Guardian:

Four of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are proposing to launch a television station called Pharma TV featuring "health news and features", your article reports (Coming soon: the shopping channel run by drug firms, May 21). The same source admitted that this medium would provide an opportunity for "detailed information from drug companies about their medicines".

This move can only be described as QVC for patients - far from a benevolent information service. To claim otherwise is an insult to consumers' intelligence.

Our research shows that people believe drug companies will not provide comprehensive information about side-effects and will try to convince us we have illnesses that we do not.

Patients need real, independent information, not more brand awareness. Drug companies have products to push, and Pharma TV would simply be furthering their profits.


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